Will Your software Load my XYZ OEM license

Will Your software Load my XYZ OEM license

Postby GunMuse » Fri Apr 18, 2014 7:47 pm

Simply YES. If we are talking about a Windows 7 license... otherwise you need to buy a license... from us preferably.

Further more we do a better job. As we are a manufacture we can Add/Strip out any features from windows 7 that we want to and create our own flavor as we have done. Only we have added features that are normally stripped.

Everyone has bought a computer and it came with NERO, Roxio burn... something to burn DVD's. This is a basic function of windows to communicate with the hardware. In fact on our dvd is a simple click button and you can Burn copies of DVD's into an ISO file and take that ISO file and make as many copies as you need.

This is how we operate our business. I burn a copy of a DVD of any new software we get and instead of hunting down in a drawer of hundreds of DVD's the one I need I just search, burn and use. Toss the DVD in the trash when I'm done. The time saved is huge.

We optimize menu speed, network speed, webpage load speed overall
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