The Box says ALL Platforms but I ordered a Pro or HP license

The Box says ALL Platforms but I ordered a Pro or HP license

Postby GunMuse » Sun Apr 20, 2014 4:14 pm

Windows XP/Vista/7 all were Office products. By that I mean the stock out of the box Windows 7 platform was designed to work in a huge office complex in such a manner as to not have 1000 office workers swamp a small business file server. AKA as workstations. This thinking has been around since the 80's but its NOT how you use Windows 7 at Home or even in todays web based world. I would assume windows 8 is the same but we haven't taken it apart yet for optimizations.

The All Platforms DVD is a cost reduction benefit to us. It also allows you the user to take advantage of our highly optimized version of Windows 7.
Examples include.
Core optimization (windows uses only 1 core no matter how many you paid for by default we open up the multi-core processor and balance its use to reduce heat inside the machine)
Web optimization (when you open a webpage it streams only one image at a time/ 1 file at a time. We move that number to 20 to make better use of High Speed connections and allow webpages to SNAP open.)
Compression usage. A server can send webpages to your computer Compressed and your computer can decompress them. Its saves our servers bandwidth. BUT if you are using IE 6.0 or earlier it doesn't work. More companies are going to make use of this as it makes the webpages SNAP open VS the string load you have been used to.
More than 200 optimizations like that that add up to a few seconds here a few seconds there but overall make your computer a high speed tool vs just another machine.

The ALL platforms DVD just means you can use the DVD's to load Any license you have. If you bought a licensed product from us just note that MOST do not. Most of our buyers are buying Just the DVD to reload windows 7 with. To Keep our costs down by users who ask for Professional only to find out they had an Ultimate license or vice versa. That error rate was more than 5% but the Postage cost is almost 25% of the cost of the product. (packages, labels, ink, time, envelopes, Plus postage) It was cheaper to make a 4 DVD set than 4 Single DVD sets that could have customer service issues.

It also has a benefit to customers who are the "GoTo" guy among their friends and neighbors for fixing machines as he/she now has the ability to fix all but Enterprise platforms.

Enterprise is an IT only version of Windows 7 and if you own a copy in your home its basically stolen license from a company. Companies are suppose to replace the licenses if they sell the equipment. THEY ARE NOT supposed to be offering discounts to employees to keep their buying power up
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